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Postgraduate Medical Education

Status of Visiting Electives due to COVID Restrictions

While restrictions in different areas of Ontario, Canada and elsewhere continue to change, so do the protocols and availability of visiting electives. Visit this site regularly to learn of any changes to visiting electives at various sites.

Elective residents entering Hamilton who are coming from an outbreak setting, including our own residents returning to Hamilton from an out of town elective within an outbreak setting, must isolate for 7 days and test negative before entering the clinical environment.  Assessment through the Employee Health Services team at the resident’s destination hospital will provide specific directives after parameters such as timelines, clinical exposure, etc. are considered.

University Visiting Electives Status
British Columbia Incoming and outgoing internal medicine and IM subspecialty electives are cancelled until the end of block 2 (Aug 30 2021). IM electives are opening up from block 3 onwards.
Dalhousie Incoming and outgoing electives are currently cancelled, except residents doing an elective as part of an IIA.
Queens Allowing electives, however learners from a grey or red zone must quarantine for 7 days and have a COVID test on day 7. A negative swab allows learner to commence their elective on day 8.
Ottawa Block 12 outgoing electives are cancelled, however incoming visiting electives are still allowed. Block 13 will be reassessed. Any trainee coming from another centre/returning to Ottawa, must touch base with the Ottawa Hospital Occ Health prior to rotation.
Alberta Accepting both incoming and outgoing electives.
Calgary Cancelled incoming and outgoing electives for the remainder of the academic year.
Toronto Department of Medicine visiting electives are cancelled to the end of the academic year (June 30, 2021), excluding those attending a mandatory rotation where U of T has an IIA with that institution. Incoming and outgoing electives from Block 1 (July 1, 2021) onwards are currently allowed.
Memorial Electives open – quarantine for 14 days prior to start date.
Manitoba Not accepting visiting electives, and will reassess in June.
Saskatchewan Incoming/Outgoing electives accepted on a case by case basis. A letter of justification must be provided with the elective request.
NOSM Incoming and outgoing electives are allowed with varying degrees of quarantine based on the sites of training.
Western Accepting in province visiting electives but hospitals have capped the number to 10 per block until Block 3 of the 2021 academic year. Out of province electives are cancelled for block 12 and 13.

* updated May 5, 2021