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Postgraduate Medical Education

CIP Alumni

The following alumni have completed the research component of the CIP as of June 2020. Subsequent to completion of their clinical component, many have obtained faculty appointments at universities across North America.

Expandable List


Brian Hyosuk Chin Plastic Surgery HRM MSc
Jennifer Klowak Pediatrics HRM MSc
Jason Morgenstern Public Health & Preventive Medicine HRM MSc


Anthony Bozzo Orthopedic Surgery HRM MSc
Elysia Donovan Radiation Oncology HRM MSc
Saurabh Gupta Cardiac Surgery HRM MSc
Michelle Kameda-Smith Neurosurgery Biochemistry PhD
Terence Ho Respirology Med Sci MSc


Reema Shah Endocrinology Harvard (MPH) PhD
Hira Mian Hematology/Medical Oncology HRM MSc
Siavash Piran Hematology HRM MSc
Mira Goldberg Radiation Oncology HRM MSc
Jacqueline Wong Pediatric Infectious Diseases (U of T) HRM MSc
Colm McCarthy Orthopedic Surgery Health Sci MSc


Oren Levine Medical Oncology HRM MSc
Mansoor Radwi Hematology & Thromboembolsim HRM MSc
Andrew Shih Transfusion Medicine HRM MSc
Deborah Siegal Hematology & Thromboembolsim HRM MSc
Andrea Fiume Peditarics Health Sci MSc
Nazari Dvirnik Cardiac Surgery HRM MSc


Nathan Evaniew Orthopedic Surgery HRM PhD
Chris Hillis Medical Oncology HRM MSc
Ghazaleh Kazemi Medical Oncology HSEd MSc
Sarah Khan Pediatric Infectious Diseases HRM MSc
Bram Rochwerg Critical Care Medicine HRM MSc
Deepa Suryanarayan Hematology HRM MSc
Iqbal Jaffer Cardiac Surgery Med Sci PhD


Harman Chaudhry Orthopedic Surgery HRM MSc
Frederick D’Aragon Critical Care Medicine HRM MSc
Arthur Lau Rheumatology HRM MSc
Michael Livingston Pediatric Surgery HRM MSc
Raman Mundi Orthopedic Surgery HRM MSc
Chris Patriquin Hematology HRM MSc
Ziad Solh Pediatric Hematology Oncology HRM MSc


Ayman Al-Saleh Cardiology HRM MSc
Kevin Chan Orthopedic Surgery HRM MSc
Natasha Cohen Otolarynology HRM MSc
Chris Coroneos Plastic Surgery HRM MSc
Andrew Gomez Vargas Neurology Neuroscience MSc
Punam Rana Medical Oncology HRM MSc
Sarah Takach Lapner Hematology HRM MSc


Vinai Bhagirath Hematology Med Sci MSc
Sam Elfassy Gastroenterology MBA (U of T)
Daniel Hoppe Orthopedic Surgery MEd (U of T)
Sophocles Voineskos Plastic Surgery HRM MSc


Rebecca Anglin Psychiatry Med Sci PhD
Michelle Science(Bridge) Pediatric Infectious Disease HRM MSc
Ryan Van Lieshout Psychiatry HRM PhD
Mohammed Warsi Psychiatry Biomed Eng PhD


Khalid Al-Saleh Medical Oncology HRM MSc
Terry Bennett Psychiatry (child) HRM PhD
Arlene MacDougall Psychiatry Neuroscience MSc
Menaka Pai Hematology HRM MSc


Murtadha Al Khabori Hematology HRM MSc


Oonagh Zuberbier Psychiatry HRM MSc
Francois Lamontagne Critical Care Medicine HRM MSc


Khrista Boylan Psychiatry (Child) HRM PhD
Valerie Taylor Psychiatry Med Sci, PhD


Sebastien Hotte Medical Oncology HRM MSc


Khalid Al-Faleh Neonatal Perinatal HRM MSc
Som Mukherjee Medical Oncology HRM MSc
Tasnim Sinuff Critical Care (Respirology) HRM PhD
Howard Chan Hematology Med Sci, MSc
Wendy Lim Hematology HRM MSc
Donald Arnold Transfusion Medicine HRM MSc
Azim Gangji Nephrology HRM MSc


Pauline Boulos Rheumatology HRM MSc
Graeme Fraser Medical Oncology HRM MSc
Kathryn Webert Hematology HRM MSc


Karen Burns Respirology
Sukhbinder Dhesy-Thind Medical Oncology HRM MSc
Anthony Levinson Psychiatry HRM MSc
Michael Cyr Allergy & Immunology Med Sci MSc
Rakesh Patel Internal Medicine HRM MSc


Laura Musselman General Surgery MSEd Msc