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Postgraduate Medical Education

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety (QIPS)

The QIPS-E Executive Committee is part of the McMaster Postgraduate Medical Education subcommittees. QIPS-E is responsible for the strategic implementation of quality improvement (QI) and patient safety (PS) education for the Postgraduate Residency Programs at McMaster University.

Director Quality Improvement & Patient Safety
Dr. Chris Hillis

Are you a program director or faculty lead interested in a QI consultation?

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View the 4-Week QI Elective Plan

The PGME QIPS Education Committee developed a 4-week QIPS elective plan for programs and residents looking for structure and validated resources and assessment tools in QIPS. The elective is intended for residents interested in quality improvement (either senior residents seeking a mentorship project or junior resident interested in learning more about QI). The 4-Week QI Elective Plan can be modified to suit both the program and the individual resident’s needs.

Faculty members interested in supervising residents’ QI projects, either in their own discipline or others (would co-facilitate with a faculty from the resident’s discipline), are invited to complete this form to be added to a confidential repository for residents looking for a QI supervisor. The commitment is approximately 2 hours/week.

QI Co-Learning Curriculum (series 1) September 26, 2024 1300-1600
February 13, 2025 1300-1600
QI Co-Learning Curriculum (series 2) November 27, 2024 0900-1200
March 26, 2025 0900-1200
CMPA Patient Safety Primer (mandatory PGY1 FM & PGY2 Royal College) Ongoing  Virtual Sessions Registration Info

View resources from previous faculty development workshops here (access restricted to program directors). Past events include:

  • May 3, 2024 – Quality and Safety Issues Arising from Electronic Health Records
Online Module (coming soon)
Resident Evaluation (coming soon)
CanMEDS Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Worksheet

The RCPSC and CFPC have placed particular emphasis on training in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) over the course of the last few years. In the most recent iteration of the CanMEDS roles, there are more than 30 milestones that speak directly or indirectly to QIPS content. To help meet these milestones, the PGME office offers its Co-Learning Curriculum in QIPS annually to programs who wish for their residents and fellows to participate.

The curriculum consists of the following:

  • A longitudinal year-long QI project that is mentored by a faculty member within your division or department who knows the clinical content area. Educational QI projects will continue to be accepted this year as clinical projects may be difficult as a result of social distancing and COVID precautions. Trainees have the opportunity to receive feedback on their QI projects at the mid-way point by a PGME QI faculty member.
  • Two interactive AHD sessions on core QIPS content. Short pre-readings for the sessions will be provided. View dates for the current academic year on the PGME AHD Tracking Sheet.
  • A research day featuring projects from the current Co-Learning cohort will be held at the end of the academic year.

Each year, programs are invited to register their trainees. Please contact Allison Paquette to register your trainees.

For further questions or clarifications on this curriculum, please contact Dr. Samara Chitayat.

Beginner level:

  1. IHI Open school modules, Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety (online, free)
  2. American Society for Quality (online, paid),
  3. IDEAS (improving and driving excellence across centres, In-person, paid program)
  4. Foundations course
  5. Advanced program

Advanced Level:

  1. EQUIP Program, Excellence in Quality Improvement certificate program, University of Toronto, paid, 9 months,
  2. Masters Programs:
  3. Masters of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, University of Toronto (paid program, 1 year, advanced),
  4. Master of Science in Healthcare Quality, Queens University (paid program, 2 years, advanced)
  5. Master of Healthcare Quality and Safety, Harvard Medical School, Full time 1 year option or 2-year part time option, >$100K
  6. Master of Quality and Safety in Healthcare, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, 1 year full time or 2-year part time,, 9250 British pounds
  7. Masters of Science in Healthcare Quality, George Washington University, 2 years online program,, $35K USD
  8. Master of science in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, program offered by Northwestern University,, they have a Masters program which is 2 years part time, a faculty development course which is 1 year part time for faculty and a certificate course which is 1 year part time for healthcare professionals, Masters course is approx. $60K USD
  9. Nottingham University Masters of Quality and Patient Safety Improvement,, $19,000 British Pounds, 1 year full time or 2-4 years part time
  10. Johns Hopkins Master of Applied Science in Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality,, fully online, don’t know cost
  11. Integrated Quality Management, online, paid program, 15 months,
  12. Institute for Healthcare Improvement in-person training, multiple different courses,
  13. Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course, online OR in-person 4 days, paid,
  14. Patient Safety Education Program, 2 day in person course, paid,
  15. Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety Program, Canadian Health Services Research and Canadian Patient Safety Institute, for Hospital Board Members, CEOs, quality and safety leads, executive leadership, clinical leadership,
  16. TeamSTEPPS Canada Master Trainer Training Course, course to develop high functioning teams, paid, in person course,—2018-12-04.aspx
  17. Managing quality and patient safety in healthcare, Michener Institute Toronto, paid online program,
  18. Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Patient Safety Executive Training Program, paid in person course,
  19. John’s Hopkins Patient Safety Online Course,
  20. Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Leadership Program, designed for healthcare practitioners in Chaplain LHIN, Telfer School of Management at University of Ottawa,, October to June, $6300
  21. Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute, advanced training program OR QI project course, in person, unsure of costs,
  22. Veteran Affairs Quality Scholars, University of Toronto, 2 years, $1700,

Teaching Quality Improvement:

  1. ASPIRE course (advancing safety for patients in residency education, 1 week course in Ottawa, paid)