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Postgraduate Medical Education

Policies & Guidelines

PGME Guidelines & General Info

Owner Date Approved Date of Next Review
Guidelines for the Reviews, Approval and Dissemination of PGME Policies PGME February 2022 February 2024
PARO-The Ontario Teaching Hospitals contract (OTH) PARO

Appointments, Selection & Training

Owner Date Approved Date of Next Review
Residency Allocation PGEC July 2020 July 2022
Resident Selection PGEC July 2020 July 2022
Supervision of Clinical Activities of PGME Learners PGEC Jan 2021 January 2023
Moonlighting for Postgraduate Trainees PGEC Feb 2021 February 2023
Match Violation Policy CaRMS 2020
Restricted Registration COFM 2018
Service to Education Balance COFM 2015

Assessments, Evaluations & Appeals

Owner Date Approved Date of Next Review
Assessment of Learners PGEC June 2019 June 2021
Appeal of Assessments of Learners PGEC June 2019 June 2021
Assessment Verification Period (AVP) COFM 2016
Pre Entry Assessment Period (PEAP) COFM 2014

Health, Safety & Wellness

Owner Date Approved Date of Next Review
Health & Personal Safety PGEC Oct 2020 October 2022
Learners in Crisis PGEC coming soon
Discrimination and Harassment McMaster University 2020
Sexual Violence McMaster University 2020

Immunizations, Communicable Diseases & Emergency Preparedness

Owner Date Approved Date of Next Review Forms
Health Screening Requirements FHS Postgraduate Medical Education Health Screening Record
Immunizations Policy COFM 2022
Communicable Diseases & Occupational Health for Applicants to and students in McMaster University FHS Health Professional Education Programs FHS 2019
Bloodborne Viruses CPSO 2015
Guidelines on the prevention of transmission of bloodborne viruses from infected healthcare workers in healthcare settings GOC  2019
Blood Borne Infections Public Health ON
Residents & Public Health Emergency Preparedness COFM 2020
Guidelines for the Support of Learners in Clinical Placements During an Influenza Pandemic or Localized Outbreak move to last FHS 2020

Leaves, Part-Time Training & Transfers

Owner Date Approved Date of Next Review Forms
Leaves from Program Policy PGEC Jul 2021 Jul 2023 Leave of Absence Request Form
Waiver of Training Requirements After a Leave of Absence from Residency Training PGEC Nov 2021 Nov 2023 Waiver Request Form – Completed by Program Director
Leaves from Ontario Postgraduate Residency Programs COFM 2015
Part-Time Residency Training Guidelines PGEC March 2022 March 2024 Request for Part-time Training Form – completed by Program Director
Part-time Residency Training Guidelines COFM 2017
Time Off/Vacation PGEC Feb 2022 Feb 2024
McMaster Transfer Process PGEC Nov 2021 Nov 2023 Internal Resident Transfer Request Form (due Jan 31)
National Transfer Guidelines AFMC 2022 National Resident Transfer Request Form (due March 31)


Owner Date Approved Date of Next Review
Guidelines for Appropriate use of Internet Electronic Networking & Other Media PGEC 2021
Guidelines for Interaction with Industry PGEC 2013 2021
Promoting Professionalism in PGME PGEC 2014 2021
Professional Behaviour Code of Conduct for Graduate Learners FHS 2014
Information & Records Management Guideline HHS 2011
Medical Professionalism CMA 2005
Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries & Preventing Sexual Abuse CPSO 2019
Medical Records Management CPSO 2020
Physician Behavior In the Professional Environment CPSO 2016
Privacy Policy CaRMS 2021
Practice Guide: Medical Professionalism & College Policies CPSO 2007
Professional Responsibilities in Medical Education CPSO 2021